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Explains the anatomy, inner workings, and primary and secondary functions of the scrotum and testicles.

FREQUENTLY ANSWERED QUESTIONS What is the G-Spot? The Grafenberg spot, or G-spot, is an area located within the anterior (or front) wall of the vagina, about one

In typical prenatal development, sexual organs originate from a common anlage anatomy during early gestation and differentiate into male or female variations.

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Sexual anatomy that’s typically called male includes your penis and scrotum (external male genitalia) and internal reproductive organs like the testicles.

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Reproductive and sexual anatomy includes your genitals and reproductive organs. Everyone’s reproductive and sexual anatomy looks a little different.

This currently redirects to “Sex organ”. This category has a large intersection with Category:Reproductive system. For male-specific anatomy, see Category:Andrology.

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Description of the anus and rectum, and the part they play in sexual anatomy and response.

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Reproduction 101. Source: Advocates for Youth Target Audience: Level IV (cents, ages 15 through 18; high college) Duration of Lesson: 45 minutes

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