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The Open Group works towards enabling access to integrated information within and between enterprises, based on open standards and global interoperability. It is a

Periodic table of elements with information on chemical elements like gold, silver, iron, neon, helium, chlorine, copper, cobalt, and more

EWG empowers people to live healthier lives in a healthier environment. With breakthrough research and education, we drive consumer choice and civic action.

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MIMOSA is a not-for-profit trade association dedicated to developing and encouraging the adoption of open information standards for Operations and Maintenance in

Cross-industry global group supporting those tackling the phishing menace. Provides advice on anti-phishing controls and information on current trends.

A group or family is a vertical column in the periodic table. Groups usually have more significant periodic trends than periods and blocks, explained below.

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Tools to change our world – free resources for those working to build healthier communities and bring about social change.

Economies are ranked on their ease of doing business. A high ranking on the ease of doing business index means the regulatory environment is more conducive to the

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Group Work Table 41! This tutorial introduces the periodic table. Other sections include matter, elements, reactions, and biochemistry.

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An up-to-date periodic table with detailed but easy to understand information

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