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A collection of authentic personal experiences with medicinal colloidal & Ionic Silver, as it is used in alternative medicine.

Can you guess which antibacterial substance or antibiotic kills more than a DOZEN types of bacteria? None! Not one. What antibiotic kills viruses?

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The Truth About Ionic Silver. Many products claiming to be colloidal silver or angstrom size silver particle colloids are in fact mostly ionic silver solutions.

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NZ’s leading producers & suppliers of Ionic Colloidal Silver-Liquid-Creams-Gels-Liquid Supplement-Personal Care & Herbal Products, Full Immune System Range

The independent colloidal silver informational website! Founded in 1999. Everything you need to know about using and making silver.

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Pure Colloidal Silver in Crystal Energized Water Energy Water with Colloidal Silver @ 5ppm made with eCrystal Technology

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Publications The Truth About TEM Images of Ionic Silver Solutions. Many producers of ionic silver products (masquerading as colloidal silver) use images produced by a

The SilverLungs High pH Colloidal Silver Generator and Lung Delivery System

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There is considerable discussion and controversy regarding whether ionic silver or particulate (colloidal) silver is more efficacious.

Colloidal silver and ionic silver: Fact, benefits, history and risks. Decide if it’s right for you.

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